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Kick back, crack a can of sugary goodness and browse through our collection of screenshots, videos and production art from the "What Makes You Tick" games:

  • Gameplay Videos from "What Makes Yo Tick?"
  • Gameplay Videos from "WMYT: A Sitch in Time"
  • Screenshots from "What Makes Yo Tick?"
  • Screenshots from für "WMYT: A Sitch in Time"
  • Production Art from "What Makes Yo Tick?"
  • Production Art from "WMYT: A Sitch in Time"

  • Videos "What Makes You Tick"

    Videos "A Stitch in Time"

    Screenshots "What Makes You Tick"

    Screenshots "A Stitch in Time"

    Prod. Art "What Makes You Tick"

    Prod. Art "A Stitch in Time"

    Backgrounds - Pencils and Color Tests

    Cast - Concept Art

    Influences and Inspirations

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